PETVITA Junior Small Turkey

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PETVITA Junior Small Turkey

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    Complete food ideal for small breed puppies (adult weight up to 10kg). High content of fresh turkey meat (over 60%) is a rich source of proteins. It is the best meat type for delicate puppy stomachs. Pet food with a single protein source is particularly recommended in case of food allergies as it facilitates elimination of causes of allergies. Petvita Junior Small Turkey is characterized by a top quality, contains natural antioxidants and acids Omega 3. Developed only from natural ingredients, with no use of artificial taste enhancers. Great source of proteins which is an essential element for proper development of skeleton and the whole body of an animal.



    • Fructooligosaccharides and inulin are natural prebiotics which positively influence on intestinal flora

    • Natural fibres work as bio-regulators for digestive system

    • Balanced level of minerals supports development of bones and performance of internal organs

    • Specially developed size of kibbles perfectly suits small jaws and facilitates chewing

    • Delicate meat of turkey is easy digestible for puppy stomachs.


    Why PETVITA?
    Petvita is made in Belgium and can not be compare to any other brand of pet food. Variety, modern technology, high meat content up to 60%, really fresh, regional ingredients delivered in not processed form, greatly reflect a healthy diet of our four-legged friends.

    Petvita contains only natural flavours what makes is willingly demanded by dogs.

    Additionally, we have replaced carbohydrates with fruits and vegetables with low glycemic index (GI). Products with high glycemic index cause release of large amounts of insulin. Petvita formulas have ingredients selected to properly nourish your pet and saved from obesity.

    Macro elements such as calcium and phosphorus are very important in canine nutrition. The priority in producing Petvita is to maintain proper ration of calcium to phosphorus. With giving Petvita to your dog you can be sure that adequate proportions of these elements are preserved.

    Thanks to a careful production process, ideally matched formulas and use of only the top quality components, Petvita reached first places in tasty tests and rankings.


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    PETVITA Junior Small Turkey

    SUPER PREMIUM 1 pet food

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