BIOFAKTOR Aminosol - vitamin-amino acid preparation for pigeons

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BIOFAKTOR Aminosol - vitamin-amino acid preparation for pigeons

Producers: Biofaktor

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  • 100ml
  • Price: £3.90


    1000 ml contains: propylene glycol, dextrose, sodium chloride, magnesium chloride,


    - category 3a (vitamins and similar substances): choline chloride 0 g, D-(+)-biotine 3 g, nicotinamide (niacine) 2 g, D-calcium pantothenate 1 g, vitamin B1(thiamine mononitrate) 0,5 g, vitamin B2 (monosodium salt of 5’-riboflavin phosphate ester) 0,5 g, vitamin B6 (3a831, piridoxine hydrochloride) 0,5 g,

    category 3c (aminoacids and analogs): aminoacids obtained from protein hydrolysis (*) 150 g, methionine (3.1.1., as DL-methionine technically pure) 3,0 g, lysine (3.2.3., as L-lysine hydrochloride, technically pure) 2,45 g,

    - category 1 (emulgators and stabilizers):glycerin-polyethyleneglycol ricinoleate (E484) 100 g,

    - category 1b (antioxidant): buthylo-hydroxytoluene (E321) 1 g,

    (*) 150 g protein hydrolisate contains: glycine 34,95 g, proline 20,55 g, hydroxyproline 18,45 g, gluthamine 15,0 g, alanine 12,6 g, arginine 11,55 g, asparagine 6,75 g, serine 5,1 g, lysine 4,95 g, leucine 3,9 g, valine 3,3 g, threonine 2,85 g, phenyloalanine 2,4 g, hydroxylysine 2,25 g, isoleucine 1,8 g, histidine 1,35 g, methionine 1,35 g, tyrosine 0,9 g

    Analytical compounds and levels: raw protein 0%, raw fiber 0%, oils and raw fats 0% , raw ash 0,2%, lysine 0,74%, methionine 0,43%, calcium < 5%, sodium 0,7%, phosphor <2%, magnesium <0,5%. Humidity 100% (liquid water-based mixture).



    Aminosol for pigeons is used in order to suplement diet with vitamins and amino acids crucial especially in case of inhibition of growth and development of an organism, disturbances in metabolism and lowering of condition. Mixture is administered in order to limit unfavourable changes which appear in birds organisms after stress (for ex. transport, vaccinations), in convalescence period after diseases, in dehydration, in order to restore electrolyte balance in the body. Aminosol is a very effective mixture for chickens in first days of life, improving vitality of newborn birds.



    Aminosolfor pigeons must be administered after dissolving in drinking water in quantity of 100 ml of mixture per 100 litres of water. Mixture must be administered for 5-10 days. A new fresh solution must be prepared everyday.

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