Beaphar specimens for animals

Beaphar specimens for animals Beaphar is a Dutch manufacturer with international fame. It offers a wide range of products helpful with every-day care and health of domestic animals. In it's portfolio there is over 800 products which are mostly shampoos, anti parasitic specimens, diet supplements and vitamins.

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BEAPHAR Nursing Set - Set for feeding - pacifier and bottle 250 ml

BEAPHAR Nursing Set - Set for feeding pacifier and bottle BEAPHAR Nursing Set is a product used to feed pets; such as rabbits or small and large rodents for example guinea pigs, chinchillas and / or degus. Product is ideal for, when the mother is unable to feed her babies BEAPHAR Nursing Set is a pr

BEAPHAR Puppy Trainer - hygiene training for puppies 20ml

Hygiene training agent for puppies.   How to use: Inside: 5 - 10 drops of the preparation applied on a separated place. Outside - 3 times daily 5-10 drops applied on a separated place. Regular use will make your puppy quickly learn of hygiene.

BEAPHAR Turtle Vitamin 20ml


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A vitamin supplement for water turtles and tortoises, reptiles and fish. It helps to keep the shell in optimal condition and prevents swelling of the eyes.   Just a few drops added to food or water

BEAPHAR Cat-a-Dent Bits - oral care support 35g

BEAPHAR Cat-a-Dent Bits   Dental Bits snack is made especially to maintain clean teeth in cats. 85% of cats has dental problems which are mainly caused by formed plaque and tartar. Dental Bits contain chlorophyll, a natural plant extract well known of it's ability for removing bad smells. They

BEAPHAR Catnip Bits - treat vitamin containing catnip 35g

Feed additive containing a paste of Catnip. Tasty and healthy snack rich in vitamins and minerals. Ingredients: milk, dairy products, sugar, minerals, meat, grains, vegetables, olive oil, fat. Dosage: 5-10 units per day. Contents: 35g Symbol: 11,637

BEAPHAR Ferret Bits - vitamin snack for ferrets 35g

Ferret bits – snack for ferrets. Snack with content of Malt Paste for ferrets that facilitates hairball excretion from the body. Tasty and healthy snack with minerals.

BEAPHAR Malt Bits - Vitamin delicacy with malt paste 35g

Vitamin delicacy containing malt paste. This component allows natural elimination of accumulated hair in the stomach. The product can be used as a reward or supplement between meals. Ingredients: cereals, vegetable products (min. 10% malt), meat and meat products, minerals, oil and grease. Contents:

BEAPHAR Ear Cleaner - ear care for dogs and cats 50ml

For dogs, cats and other small pets. Ear drops. Product softens innflamations, ease ear care, ensures hygiene and reduces extended formation of earwax. Clean only the outer parts of ear. Do not clean ear channel.   Usage: Prophylactically 2 times a week, apply 6-8 drops, then gently massage the

BEAPHAR Eye Cleaner - eye care for dogs and cats 50ml

For dogs and cats. Eye drops. Eliminate impurities and irritation of eyes gaining a healthy, shiny look. Dosage: 2 times a week, flush eyes with a cotton swab soaked with preparation. Contents: 50ml  Symbol: 12547

BEAPHAR Vinka - vitamin preparation for birds 50ml

Vitamin preparation that increases vitality. improves the overall condition of the birds, relieves stress reactions (eg exhibitions). Dosage: 3 times a week, five drops of the preparation of 100 ml of water Contents: 50ml Symbol: 11,692

BEAPHAR Vitamin B Complex - vitamins B for pets 50ml

For dogs, cats, ornamental birds, pigeons and small rodents. The combination of vitamins B strengthens the hair of dogs and cats, the condition of feathers in birds, stimulates metabolism and stabilizes the nervous system of animals.   Dosage: - small breed dogs - 1,5 tea spoons per day - mediu

BEAPHAR Bogen Sweet Hearts - snack for cats 150pcs.

Supplementary food Dosage: 5-10 pieces per day. Ingredients: Milk and dairy products, sugar, minerals, oils and fats, meat chickens. Analysis: Protein 11.2%, fat 9.6%, fiber 6.5%, ash 14.3%, moisture 6.0%, calcium 3.4%, phosphorus 2.5%, sodium 0.1%. Includes coloring agents, preservatives and antiox

BEAPHAR Cavi Fruit - vitamin preparation for rodents 100ml

Vitamin preparation containing an extract of wild rose, rich in vitamin C. The recommended especially for guinea pigs because their body does not produce vitamin C. Dosage: 3 g per day when the preparation of the food served, 4 g of the preparation per day for administration in combination with drin

BEAPHAR Dog-A-Dent Gel - Oral Care Gel for dogs 100g

Gel to oral care. Usage: Apply the gel on teeth once a week using the applicator. Contents: 100g Symbol: 11348

BEAPHAR Gentle Leader, size M

Tired of your dog taking you for a walk? The Gentle Leader® head collar is a unique design preferred by many leading trainers, vets & behaviourists around the world. The Gentle Leader’s® unique triple action, design counters the instinct to pull in 3 ways: 1) Gentle pressure is tra

BEAPHAR Junior Paste Hund Dog - food supplement with vitamins for puppies 100g

Vitamin food supplement to food for puppies from 4 weeks of age. Contains vitamins B and C and L - carnitine. Ingredients: fat, yeast, milk and dairy products. Dosage: administered once a day mixed with food or directly from the tube. Dose of approximately 3 cm of paste per day. Contents: 100g

BEAPHAR Kitty's Tabs Mix - vitamin snack for cats 50pcs.

Kitties – tasty and healthy snack in three different shapes and flavours: cheese, fish and with taurine. Contains minerals and vitamins.   Ingredients: Milk and dairy products, sugar, minerals, meat and animal products, fish and fish products, yeast.   Analysis: Proteins 12,6% Ash 15

BEAPHAR Milbenzerstauber - insect repellent for birds 100ml

The product against fleas, lice and other parasites attacking birds. Agent is completely safe for animals and humans. Directions for use: Spray from distance of 30 cm. Protect eyes and beak. Should not be used on animals intended for human consumption. The active agent: permethrin 5 g/l

BEAPHAR Multi Vitamin Paste 100g

Complementary feed for dogs.   Multivitamin paste with double action. Protects against skin problems, ensures shiny coat, increases vitality in dogs. Yellow colour: multivitamin paste: contains all the vitamins and minerals essential for dog. Addition of L-carnitine stimulates the development o

BEAPHAR tooth paste for dogs and cats 100g

Toothpaste with Australian tea tree oil. Regular cleaning the teeth with this toothpaste prevents functional damages of the palate and deposition of plaque. Taste of cinnamon ensures fresh breath for long time.
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